360 Water
Online Training and O&M Manuals

Omnivore High Solids Digestion

Aqseptence Group
Johnson Screens – Passive Wedgewire Screens

Tertiary and Lagoon Filters

Aqua Turbo Systems
Aertors, Mixers, Decanters and Air Diffusers

Assmann Corporation
High Density Polyethylene Storage Tanks ranging from 40 to 12,000 gallons in volume

BCR Environmental Corporation
Biosolids transformation and organic waste management

Belding Tank
Custom Fiberglass Tanks

Big Wave Water Technologies 
Water Tank Mixing System and Chloramine Boosting System

BioSpark/CHP Clean Energy
Biogas Conditioning System of Anaerobic Digester Gas

Boerger, LLC
Rotary lobe pumps and macerating technology

Burnett CO2
CO2 Gas Feed for recarbonation of potable water

Wireless, cloud-based monitoring and control solutions

Cerlic Environmental Control, Inc
Process Sensors – real time measurement of suspended solids, pH, DO & ORP

ChemScan (ASA)
On-line analyzers for analysis of nutrients, organics, halogens, dissolved metals and optical parameters

Clarifier CleanSweep
Stainless Steel Rotating Chain for Algae & Debris Control

Clearas Water Recovery
Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery Solutions

De Nora
Tetra Filtration, SORB  Adsorption, Ozone

DPI Water Solutions
Wastewater Packaged Treatment Plants

Eco Oxygen Technologies, LLC
Odor and Corrosion Prevention Superoxygenation System

Floating Lagoon & Clearwell Baffles, Tank Covers, Tank Baffles

Evoqua Water Technologies
BioMag & CoMag Enhanced Treatment using Magnetite for Ballasted Flocculation; CPC Screw Pumps; Davco Package Plants; Envirex Wastewater Process Equipment – Orbal & VLR; Jet Tech Jet Aeration Systems & SBR Systems; Memcor Membranes; RJE Odor Control; Wallace & Tiernan Gas Feed Systems

Excelsior Blower Systems
Packaged PD Blower Systems including Sutorbilt, Heliflow and Gardner Denver

Fibracast FibrePlate Membrane Modules, Cassettes and Packaged Systems

Fairbanks Nijhuis, Pentair
Sewage & Water Supply Pumps including Vertical Turbine, Dry Pit Solids Handling, Submersible, Immersible, Chopper, Screw, Vortex, Horizontal Split Case and Axial Flow Propeller Pumps

Fournier Industries
Rotary Sludge Dewatering Press

Geyser Pumps
Air Lift Pumps for Pumping & Mixing

Golden Harvest
AWWA Stainless Steel and Aluminum Fabricated Gates

Goulds Pumps
Horizontal Split-Case Pumps; ITT PumpSmart VFD Controls

Hayward Gordon
TORUS Recessed Impeller Pump, XCS Screw Centrifugal Pump, & CHOPX Chopper Pump; Portable, Top & Side Entry & Inline Mixers

Hydro International
Eutek High Efficiency Headcell & Grit Removal Systems, CSO Equipment

Integrity Municipal Systems
Odor Control Systems, Dry Media Emergency Chlorine Gas Scrubber Systems

Geared Centrifugal Blowers

Jacobi Carbons, Inc.
Granular Activated Carbon Systems for Water Containment Removal and Odor Control

Jim Myers & Sons
Inclined Plate Settlers, Flocculators, Screw & Belt Conveyors, Grit Handling

JWC Environmental
JWC Environmental Muffin & Channel Monster Grinders, Fine & Coarse Screens, Septage Receiving

Lemna Technologies
Lagoon Treatment Systems, Complete with Insulated Floating Covers

Lone Star Blower
Turbo Blowers, Controls and Engineered Blower Packages

MP Electronics, Inc.
Motor Protection Electronics – Level Controls for Submersible Pumps

Myers, Pentair
Engineered submersible solids handling pumps, self-primers, grinder pumps and reciprocating pumps

FRP Launder Covers, Weir, Scum & Density Current Baffles

Progressive Cavity Pumps

AlgaeWheel Treatment Systems

AquaGuard Fine Screens, Biolac System, Lamella Settlers, DynaSand Filters, Rotary Drum Screens & Thickeners, Solar Sludge Dryer; Schrieber

Penn Valley Pumps
Double Disc Pumps

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions 
Rapid Mixers, Turbine Flocculators & Aerators

PHOENIX Process Equipment
Belt Filter Presses, Mobile Belt Presses and Gravity Belt Thickeners

Ozone Generation Systems

Prominent Fluid Controls
Chemical Metering Pumps & Feed Systems (Dry & Wet), Polymer Blending Systems

RDP Technologies
Tekkem lime slaker

Electraulic Actuators – low maintenance, high precision hydraulic actuators

Scadata H20, Inc.
SCADA Platform for Water and Wastewater Industry

Schwing Bioset
Sludge Cake Pumps, Biosolids Handling Systems, Fluid Bed Dryers, Bioset Class A Biosolids Lime Stabilization/Nutrient Recovery System; Custom Conveyor

Dry Chemical Bulk Storage, Handling and Mixing Systems

Spectrum Water Technology
Reusable Sludge Dewatering Boxes

Suez Treatment Solutions, Inc
Ozone Products

SSI Aeration
Disc Diffuser, Tube Diffuser, Retrofitting, MMBR Systems

Tonka Water A Kurita Brand
Water Treatment Equipment; Aerators, Gravity Filters, Vertical & Horizontal Pressure Filters, Ion Exchange Softening, RO/NF/UF Membrane Treatment Systems

Flumes, Packaged Metering Manholes, Instrument Enclosures, One-piece Fiberglass Buildings, Filter/Control Consoles, Weir Boxes, Panel/Sunshades, Free-Standing Equipment Mounting Panels

Trident Processes
Multi-Disc (MD) Press, Wave Separator, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Rotary Screen Separator, Screw Press, Polymer Hydration Unit

Trojan Technologies
UV Disinfection Systems; UV Oxidation for Taste & Odor Control; Salsnes Filter; OpenCEL Sludge Lysis Technology for Anaerobic Digestion and BNR Processes

Unifilt Corporation
Filter Media – Anthracite, filter sand, gravel and high density filter material

Veoilia Water Technologies (dba Kruger)
ACTIFLO Ballasted Clarifier, Actina Pellet Softening, Activated Sludge Oxidation Ditch, AnoxKaldnes IFAS and MBBR, ANITA Mox Anammox Deammonification, BioCon Sludge Dryer, BioMet Sludge Digestor, BIOSTYR BAF, BioThelys Thermal Hydrolysis Process, Ecrusor Package Removal, Hydrotech Discfilter, LagoonGuard 0 degrees Celsius Lead-Lag Biofilm Reactor, NEOSEP MBR, PFAS Removal and Treatment

Non-Clog Dry Pit & Submersible Pumps; Submersible Mixers

World Water Works (IN Only)
MBBR/IFAS treatment , DEMON process for high strength waste 

Compressed Media Filters for CSO and Tertiary Treatment